The Best 4K TV on a Budget



Not everyone can sacrifice a mortgage payment to buy a high-performance 4K TV. Many shoppers are content to find a TV that looks good, is easy to use, has a variety of streaming features built in, and—most importantly—doesn’t cost a lot. For those people, we recommend the TLC 5 Series.

TCL 5-Series
The TCL 5-Series produces a bright, punchy image, and it has a wonderful contrast ratio for an LCD/LED TV that lacks local dimming to more precisely adjust the backlight. The integrated Roku OS makes it one of the easiest TVs to use, and it supports every major streaming service. Gamers will appreciate the 5-Series’s low input lag, which means less time between when something happens in the game and when you see it on your screen.
TCL 6-Series
If you’re willing to pay a bit more to get much better performance, the TCL 6-Series offers major picture-quality improvements over the TCL 5-Series and Vizio M-Series Quantum. It has a much higher peak brightness and better local dimming, resulting in a great contrast ratio. HDR video looked far superior on the 6-Series than on any of the sub-$500 TVs we tested.
Vizio M558-G1
It's a very good overall TV that's available in 55 and 65 inch sizes and both offer great value for its size and price. It displays great picture quality but it lacks smart features.
The Vizio M-Series Quantum (models M657-G0, M557-G0, M507-G1, and M437-G0) is one of the only budget TVs to include both local dimming for improved contrast and quantum dots to produce the wider color gamut in Ultra HD movies. It had the best-looking SDR and HDR images of all the under-$500 50- and 55-inch 4K TVs we tested, but the local dimming is only moderately effective
Hisense H8G
It offers very good overall performance and it's available in a wide range of sizes all with a budget-friendly price. Most people should be happy with this TV and it even competes with some higher-end, more expensive TVs.
Samsung UE43RU7470
For a size of TV that is all too often overlooked, we’re delighted to see that Samsung has served up a stunner for the average household with the modestly priced and brilliantly performing UE43RU7470 range. It’s worth noting that the Samsung UE43RU7470 is said to be technically identical to the other TVs in the range, including the UE43RU7400 and UE43RU7410.
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